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Severn United Methodist Church
Friday, July 03, 2020
Serving God's People, United as a Family, Members of Our Community, Committed to Christ

Christian Education Program

Are you feeling called to serve?
Severn UMC is looking for Sunday School teachers/facilitators for all age levels. 
Please prayerfully consider leading a Sunday School class
as a step on the path of your Spiritual Journey.
Resources for your Spiritual Journey and growth as a Christian:
  • What are your Spiritual Gifts? Take an online inventory about your individual strengths - and understand what ways you could use them to serve.
  • Interpreter magazine online
  • Pockets, the online devotional magazine "connecting kids and God ...the other 6 days."
  • - Children's Ministry Magazine
Teens/Young Adults:
  • Daily Devotions from DEVO 
  • Young People's Ministries  - making a difference, grants and scholarships, young adults, be a leader, living your faith,
United Methodist Church resources: